Beatoven.ai is the only AI-powered tool that automatically tailors music to fit a video, online course, podcast or film score. All you need to do is input the mood of your project and choose a style of music to get started. From there, our sophisticated AI will create a song that fits perfectly into your project while also fitting your brand.
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What does the tool do

Beatoven.ai provides royalty free music that is professionally composed to suit your story. Whether you are a filmmaker, podcaster or just want some background music, They have the perfect solution for you. It’s AI has been trained on thousands of hours of video to understand which scenes need what kind of musical score.

How does it Help

Beatoven.ai creates content-specific music to elevate your story with the right emotion at the right time. It can compose music that matches every moment of your video, podcast or presentation.

Use Cases

Marketing Agencies, Podcasters, YouTubers

Similar To

Artlist, Epidemic sound, Filmstro Pro



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