Research about company

Know more about company or founder

This is the most important step while getting any lifetime deal. Research about the company, company owners, history for the company, any past projects they have made, what is their stages of idea to grow the product further, and is there any issue for company like that.  

You can even check the social network profiles for the company and company founder team. Checking

market share of the particular company also gives some background.

Buy deals based on the need

Buy only literally needed deal

There are plenty of new product deals per month that will release so choose the exclusive lifetime deal in that and purchase that, simply don’t buy every deal even in the end you are not going to use deals that you brought.

Purchase the deal really you are needed simply don’t believe the hype that created in viral growth, always see the customers reviews and ratings before purchasing any deals.

Check about business plan

Check Which plan you are going to get in the LTD

When you are going to buy lifetime subscription deals check which business plan you are getting and be aware of your deal is not mapped to any custom pan or starter plan, if this is the case you won’t get all the features and updates in it

This is good advice to look into the plans whether you are getting the highest plan or not.

In some cases, there will be a price manipulation check the official website once to know if they are putting the correct price on the deals, you can also check the competitor’s websites to check the ongoing market price for those additional features.

Free trial and Understand Refund Policy

Check out the free trial and refund policy

Trailing any products or tool is safer before purchasing them, and buying lifetime software deals just to check wheater you need it or not is simply a waste of money.

Now every product comes with free trials for 7 days or 14 days that too without entering any credit card info, So check all the advanced features in trial mode and buy the product if you really liked it.

A refund policy means if you did not like the product you can return that product and get your money back. 

Read all the things in the refund policy and understand wheater it’s a no-questioned asked refund policy or a regular one, in no question, they won’t ask any question and refund your amount instantly but in regular policies, you need to give your valuable feedback and where you did not like the product.

Some of the deals come with 30 days money-back guarantee and 60 days money-back guarantee, there you get all your money refunded.

ROI and Third-party source

Check product is dependent on a third-party source

This is the most important factor you need to look into when you are buying any deal.

Any negative situation can impact the SaaS companies like shutting down the company, problem in software, issues with your LTD, raising of competitors products, and much more.

So try to get your return on investment as early you can, try to figure out after how many projects you will get your money back, and then after that, it’s just earnings on an entire lifetime

If you purchased a lifetime deal as more third-party integration then there will be a much dependency on that source if you want to get output.

The risk is higher in this case if something happened in the third party sources then that directly impacts your software outcome.

So before buying any LTD check these aspects and reduce the risks.

Saas product website

How well is the SaaS website constructed?

Websites for any particular product showcase the powerful features that the product has, Usecases, documentation, tutorials also you can find in those websites.

You can also check if the website is broken in somewhere, or really contains good content across the pages. If you come to a conclusion that the website is real and there are not doing any scams you can buy those deals.

Check out the testimonials they have included in the website, don’t believe blindly that feedback some times the moderators won’t post negative reviews on their website, by offering different sort of popular service the founders may force to write positive reviews, in some cases the reviews would be fake.

So to get to know about real reviews on any deal check out some community lifetime platforms and external websites like our Appsfomo website product and deals reviews, we tested each product and deals and analyze them thoroughly then only we write it!

Trusted deal platforms

Buy deals only on some trusted deal platform

There are thousands of deals sites in the market offers lifetime deal, lifetime discounts, lifetime license so choose Wisley which deal platform is better and compare the prices if multiple deal platforms offer the same deal.

Trusted Deal Platforms
Trusted Deal Platforms

Check about the active deals each time when you are going to buy some deals that have a limited-time offer.

Take an original screenshot of lifetime software deals in deal sites, it will really help to check the details they have mentioned and to know about the pre-tax price, maybe in the future, you can use this as proof when the page/ deal is not presented on the site.

Even some of the websites get commission by using affiliate program actually going through affiliate links is not harmful they do not charge users any extra amount but the websites using affiliate links will get some commissions.

Don’t blindly believe the emails you are getting through marketing campaigns from marketing tools cross verify this kind of mails in their official site and deal stores.

Check out our Deals platform we will verify and reviewed each deal and here you will get top daily software deals from lifetime websites.

Product support

Make sure if SaaS is using their products and check their support

First, verify that the Saas company is using the product they released as lifetime software deals to

the products market. If they are using it then we can understand like yes this tool has some

advanced features we can also implement same our site. If they are not using then you can come to the conclusion that the product is missing some features from competitors or they don’t have trust in their product.

When you buy any business tools you are investing directly in their company so showing trustworthiness is important from the company side. You can check how the company sales team replaying to your questions, and how they are accepting your feedback, especially negative feedback, how their customer care will works. Based on all these and how fast they are responding to your queries you can decide whether you need to go for buying or not

Don’t buy any LTDs based on the upcoming features on the product roadmap, putting upcoming features is easier but developing that may take so much time if business entrepreneurs are active and developer is working hard then they can achieve all the things on the product roadmap. So use the roadmap as an indicator and never make an investment based on that.

Risks in resell market and industry

Understand the risk in resell market and other industry

Resell market means you can sell the deal you have purchased or buying the deal from the second-hand market. Do this kind of thing with an ideal plan and with a proper business guide from someone who did this before.

Usually, the SaaS founder team does not recommend reselling the deals and if you doing this repeatedly then your license can be blocked so keep some consciousness while going to buy deals from someone else.

Lifetime deals are the quick access to the product means they launch LTD even if the product is not fully developed that’s why they charge customers less amount. So you need to prepare for the situations like after some days product can be unstable.

And also understand the industry that is behind the tool, if that particular industry stops its work then your product will be of no use.

Final points

Final verdict

In this article, I give some ideas on how you can avoid the scams related to lifetime deals so try to adopt the above tips and it will be helpful for you to make good decisions about the deals. 

For everyday updates visit our Deals sections where you will get all the top deals on daily basis with a quick review of them

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