Reported On: 24 March 2023
Reported By: Rakshitha

Sold On: Appsumo

Founder: Pieter K de Villiers

Macanta is a powerful no-code solution that functions as a custom CRM and process automation system for all your business needs.

Issue Reported: 

Company Closure

What Went Wrong

Macanta was located in London, England, United Kingdom.

Macanta was marketed on their own site and Appsumo.

Macanta worked several months to secure some funding, but they couldn’t be able to secure funding this¬†forced Macanta to make the difficult decision to close their doors.

One of the user reported this as they received mail from Macanta:

286397038 10224318041673548 7859413126738316644 n

Even Appsumo has discussed about the closure of the company.

macanta create a custom crm without writing code appsumo

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