Niche Website Builder

Reported On: 23 September 2022
Reported By: Sathwik

Sold On: Appsumo

Founder: Mark Mars and Adam Smith.

Niche Website Builder is a tool that enables business owners, non-technical users, and digital marketers to build custom websites for any niche or market.

Issue Reported: 

Company Closure

What Went Wrong

Niche was founded in 2019, Niche Website Builders is a publisher marketing agency that creates, develops and publishes original content for businesses.

Niche Website Builder is a content creation company that provides you with high quality and engaging content like blogs, articles, videos and webinars. It also offers keywords research, in-house writers, comprehensive content strategy, onboarding call and more.

niche website builder
Niche Website Builder

Niche Website Builder has shared in an group that they have shut down, and also added by telling that they will soon officially announce in the Facebook group.


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