Reported On: 07 September 2022
Reported By: Sathwik

Sold On: Other

Founder: Michael Ray

Rootpal is a cutting edge managed hosting provider for startups and small businesses. It includes cloud, dedicated and VPS hosting solutions to meet the expected requirements of our clients.

Issue Reported: 

Bugs, No updates or Fixes

What Went Wrong

Rootpal was founded on 2019 and it was launched on Lifetimo deal. Rootpal had an advertising campaign on Lifetimo.

rootpal lifetime deal
Rootpal Lifetime Deal

According to users website are completely down, with no chance to get in touch with the support, customer care isn’t responding to tickets, emails and social messages and the information they gave are ridiculous.


Rootpal recently updated that WHMCS portal software may have been exploited, allowing someone to log in and wipe all of our servers. This particular software requires usernames and passwords to connect to the servers API, which would give customers access to their control panel.

They add, the backup and restoration takes days to weeks to complete as it is not a multi process restore. If you have backups we suggest restoring them on another hosting provider or we can provide you a server to start using and restoring on to get your websites back online once our portal software is up again.

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We have migrated from here our domains to another host.. and no more using rootpal. sad end to this service and team..

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