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Get your Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard with Analytify in a simple and easy to use user interface.

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Analytify: WordPress Analytics Plugin
Analytify gives the statistics about social media, eCommerce, and page-level analytics with real-time data and within the WordPress dashboard.
Ease of use

Analytify is a WordPress plugin, That gives you all the analytics information and performance analysis of your site in your WordPress dashboard, It combines the information provided by Google Analytics and some of the new entries with a really good user interface. You can view the analytics of each page/ post individually.

Analytify gives the statistics about social media, eCommerce, and page-level analytics with real-time data and within the WordPress dashboard as well as you can view the stats in fronted also without logging into the dashboard.


To view all the google analytics within a single report WP Brigade makes this simple and quick analytics plugin. Analytify dashboard designed in such a way that it supports multiple languages.

Analytify Key features

General Statistics from Google Analytics

Analytify dashboard gives you the insight data viewing experience from Google Analytics with the best user interface you can find whichever data you want regarding the site performance in grid view.

Actually, the Google Analytics dashboard contains a huge amount of data with respect to your website, it hard to find which data you are looking for from this massive collection of data if you are a beginner in Google Analytics so it can be time-consuming to find correct data.

That’s why Analytify came into the picture with 1-minute WordPress integration it gives the desired information in a single dashboard with an easily understandable user interface.

analitify dashboard


Page and Custom Post Level Analytics

Every page or custom post needs to be maintained based on the number of visitors visiting them and we need to keep on improving the page design and content, for this we need a strong report of how many page views are happening and what was the session rate of those visits.

All this information we can get on individual pages/posts with the help of Analytify. With the real-time stats dashboard, you can directly get to know the visitor for your sites or individual pages.

It also gives statistics about portfolios, galleries, testimonials, and other custom post types, details in a nice and powerful manner.


page analutics

Social Media and Real-Time Stats

Social media is a powerful platform to get traffic to your sites, if you are going to run different campaigns on a social medial platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin, Analytify gives a detailed report on the number of visitors who visited the sites from different platforms.

This information is helpful for you to know which social media campaign is gaining potential visitors to your site and on which platform you need to give more concentration.

social media

real time vistors

From Real-Time Dedicated dashboard you can check how many visitors currently viewing the site. And also gives the data about what was the source for those visitors is they are social media visitors, direct visitors, Organic visitors, or new visitors in beautiful graph and table view.

Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for EDD

Analytify provides add-ons for eCommerce tracking with this addon you can track every bit of information for your Enhanced digital downloads products and eCommerce products.

It tracks all the sales, transactions, and revenue from Google Analytics and displays that information in a unique and intuitive pattern that can be analyzed by non-technical WordPress users.

general stats of edd store.jpg

You will promptly get to know about how many people clicked add to cart, how much money you have been earned through them, how many people leave the cart without moving to checkout, how many people make the checkout, and payment with advanced funnel stats in the Analytify.

Analytify tracks some major functionalities of eCommerce which are Coupons and Refund tracking, Country-wise sales tracking, Tracking Checkouts and payment, product performance, and Behavior of products using the funnel method.

product funnel

UTM Campaigns Manager for WordPress

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters are simple tags that can be added to your URL when the visitors click that URL the tags are sent back to your Google Analytics. Based on your campaign strategies you can create UTM tags in Analytify.

UTM Campaigns dashboard contains all the detailed information of your campaigns that are generated using UTM tags. No need to go and search in Google Analytics to find the campaign results Analytify brings that to you in the WordPress dashboard itself.

compaign stats

Analytify Free v/s Pro Features

Analytify Free version gives the pretty good features to display the statistics on your WP dashboard but with premium addons, you can get access to more features based on the size of your business you can purchase the different addons

Free Features

  • Google Analytics stats for each page/post in WP blocks
  • Social media stats
  • Mobile device statistics
  • Helps in SEO optimization
  • References for top keywords

Pro Features

Pro’s and Con’s


  • More features in the free version compared to other insights plugin
  • Simple installation setup and User-friendly interface
  • Powerfull tool for tracking eCommerce and EDD


  • Fail on some performance available in its challenger plugins
  • No file tracking and link tracking


You can download Analytify free version from WordPress.org and check the free version features if you are willing to go with some extended features you can purchase the pro version, Analytify comes in four different variations Personal, Small business, Agency, and Developer you can buy a bundle or each Addon based on your preference.

analitify pricing

You will get Priority support and 1 Year of updates for all the pro purchases.

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Final Verdict

Analytify free version makes a good representation of your Google Analytics results in the WordPress dashboard, So for a better understanding of analysis data, you can use this plugin. If you are business-related to eCommerce then I suggest you go with their eCommerce addons it will give a clear picture of your sales and earnings.

Videos: Analytify

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