Cartflows: Create Stunning Sales Funnels in WordPress with Elementor


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March 2023


Adam Preiser

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Cartflows is an all-in-one in-one sales funnel builder that claims to help you create stunning sales funnels in minutes. It offers a wide range of features, includes drag and drop interface for creating custom sales funnels, variety of templates to customize your funnel, automatic email opt-in builder, Integrated analytics to track the effectiveness of your funnel, blog subscription module to nurture your leads and much more!

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You will get: Integrates with WordPress Can build an unlimited number of funnels Has an abandoned cart feature Huge range of WP plugins available
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Expert Score

Cartflows is an all-in-one in-one sales funnel builder that claims to help you create stunning sales funnels in minutes. It offers a wide range of features, includes drag and drop interface for creating custom sales funnels, variety of templates to customize your funnel, automatic email opt-in builder, Integrated analytics to track the effectiveness of your funnel, blog subscription module to nurture your leads and much more!

  • Integrates with WordPress
  • Can build an unlimited number of funnels
  • Has an abandoned cart feature
  • Huge range of WP plugins available
  • Membership funnels need an additional WP plugin
  • Lack of instruction videos

In today’s digital age, creating and maintaining an online presence is essential. Online businesses thrive on their website’s sales funnels, and creating a good funnel is no longer an option but a necessity. This is where CartFlows come in as an all-in-one sales funnel builder, which claims to help create stunning sales funnels in minutes.

In this blog, we will be discussing everything about CartFlows, from its features, unique selling points, pricing, use cases, and how it stacks up against competitors. We will also be sharing the pros and cons of using CartFlows to help you make an informed decision regarding sales funnel builders. Whether you’re an eCommerce store owner, course creator, blogger, or startup, read on to find out how CartFlows can help you create a highly optimized and converting sales funnel for your business.


Cartflows Overview

What is Cartflows?

CartFlows is an easy-to-use sales funnel builder for WordPress sites that can be used to sell both digital and physical products. With its powerful features, CartFlows can help you optimize your sales funnel to achieve improved conversion rates.

With order bumps for complementary products, training programs, and extended warranties, managing your sales has never been easier. Proper planning of a sales funnel can significantly benefit your business by increasing conversions, and CartFlows is the perfect tool to achieve this.

Online Presence


Cartflows: Key Features

Why use Cartflows?

CartFlows is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and comprehensive sales funnel tool that is compatible with WordPress. It allows you to store all of your data on your domain’s web host, providing you with complete control over your data. One of the best features of CartFlows is that it functions as a complete shopping cart, running checkouts for multiple products. This improves the purchasing experience for your customers and enhances the overall sales funnel for your business.

One-Click Upsells

With One-Click Upsells feature, you can create an offer that is presented to the customer after they have made a purchase. This increases the chances of conversion and can greatly improve the overall profitability of your sales funnel.

one-click upsell
One-Click Upsell

Additionally, you have the ability to create custom one-click upsells that are tailored to specific customer segments.

One Click Order Bumps

CartFlows is an innovative sales funnel tool that allows users to create stunning sales funnels. One key feature of CartFlows is its One Click Order Bumps, which can help increase sales and revenue.

order bumps
Order Bumps

CartFlows Order Bumps are perfect for selling complimentary products, training programs, and extended warranties.When an order bump is taken, the CartFlows Order Bump event is fired, making it easy to track and monitor sales activity. With the ability to set up an order bump feature during checkout, CartFlows offers a powerful and effective way to boost sales and conversions.

A/B Split Testing

CartFlows offers an A/B Split Testing feature that helps users identify the best-performing elements of their sales funnels. A/B Split Testing in CartFlows can be done for every element of the funnel, including headlines, prices, discounts, and designs. This feature allows for the identification of offers or products that lead to higher conversion rates, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion values.

a b testing for woocommerce increase your conversions cartflows
A/B Testing

Through A/B Split Testing, areas for improvement can be identified, and traffic can be driven to better-performing pages.

Dynamic Offers

One of the key features of CartFlows is its Dynamic Offers, which are designed to display relevant offers based on customer data. By leveraging customer demographics and purchase history, CartFlows Dynamic Offers can increase revenue and average order value, creating order bumps and upsells within minutes.

dynamic offers show relevant offers to customers
Dynamic Offers

With CartFlows Dynamic Offers, you can create a tailored sales funnel that is optimized for your specific audience. By displaying offers that are relevant to your customers’ interests and needs, you can increase engagement and conversion rates.

Canvas Mode

One of Cartflows most notable features is the Canvas Mode, which makes it easy to visualize complicated dynamic funnels and design concise ones.

canvas mode visualize sales funnels
Canvas Mode

With Canvas Mode, CartFlows provides an intuitive interface that allows you to easily see the flow of the funnels. This feature is perfect for creating marketing presentations for your team and making better decisions for effective results.


How is Cartflows different from other sales funnel builder Plugin


CartFlows is a powerful tool that provides unique features is the ability to store your data on your web host, allowing you greater control over your customer data’s privacy and security. With the Rule Engine feature available in CartFlows, adding multiple order bumps is a breeze.

CartFlows provides consistent monthly feature enhancements to improve the platform’s functionality continually. These updates ensure that CartFlows will remain a strong competitor in the sales funnel market and make it a go-to platform for creating stunning sales funnels in a matter of minutes.

Checkout Takeover

modern checkout
Modern Checkout

One of the unique features of CartFlows is the Checkout Takeover. With this feature, you can take control of the checkout process and make it easier for customers to buy from your store. To create a global checkout option in CartFlows, you simply need to set up a new flow with a checkout page, add order bumps and upsells, and choose the checkout in the CartFlows settings menu.

Conversion Optimized Templates

CartFlows offers a range of customizable templates that can be adapted to your specific business needs. These templates are ready for one-click import, popular page builders, and customization without coding. With CartFlows, you can choose from a variety of conversion-optimized templates, including landing pages, checkout pages, and thank-you pages.

optimized templates
Optimized Templates

Overall, CartFlows is a great option for businesses looking to create conversion-optimized sales funnels quickly and easily. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to increase sales or a marketing professional looking for a powerful funnel-building tool, CartFlows is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

Checkout Layout

CartFlows is great for creating custom checkout pages that look amazing on both desktop and mobile devices. With order bumps and upsells available, you can make sure that customers have the best shopping experience possible.

checkout layout
Checkout Layout

CartFlows has its ability to configure a Global Checkout page by selecting the checkout step and leaving the product blank. This allows you to have a consistent checkout process throughout your sales funnel, which can improve user experience and increase conversions.

Lead Generation

lead generation
Lead Generation

CartFlows offers a variety of lead generation options, including email opt-ins, form submissions, and custom landing pages. With the ability to add order bumps and upsells, you can ensure that customers have the best possible shopping experience and are more likely to convert. CartFlows also offers a powerful autoresponder that can automatically send follow-up emails to customers who have completed a lead form or submitted a form submission.

Pre-Checkout Offer

This feature of the pre-checkout offer, which automatically adds items to a customer’s shopping cart before they even enter your checkout page. You can customize the steps of your funnel, attach products to it, set special pricing, and even add custom tracking scripts. Overall, CartFlows is an indispensable tool that simplifies the entire process of creating high-converting sales funnels.


Cartflows vs Woofunnels




Free version

Starting price for Pro



Optimized checkouts

Upsells and downsells

One-click order bumps

One-click order bumps

Rule-based funnel triggers

A/B testing

Facebook Conversions API

Checkout Address Autocomplete

Upsell Products



Bump Offers




Cartflows vs Clickfunnel







Free Version

A/B Testing

Analytics and Insights

Funnel Templates

Membership Sites


Cartflows: Pricing Plans

Premium Plugin

It does not offer a free trial but offers 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can test the plugin to use it further.

pricing plans
Pricing Plans

Cartflows Use Cases

  • CartFlows is a powerful and cost-effective site-based sales funnel builder designed to improve checkout processes and drive eCommerce sales.
  • One use case for CartFlows is for course creators, who can use the software to create effective sales funnels to market and sell their courses.
  • For bloggers, using CartFlows to create a sales funnel can be a useful strategy during the Awareness stage of the funnel.
  • Startups can benefit greatly from using CartFlows to create stunning sales funnels. By streamlining the checkout process and optimizing for conversions, startups can increase their revenue and attract more customers.

Cartflows: Support

Knowledgebase, Roadmap, Changelog, Contact support

Other Alternatives to WP Shifty

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Final Verdict

Is Cartflows any good?

CartFlows is the perfect tool to help you create stunning sales funnels in minutes with a user-friendly and affordable plugin. And with its one-click upsell feature, you can increase your revenue streams easily. It offers several unique features that make it stand out from other sales funnels software out there. While there are alternatives like Funnelkit, OptimizePress, and Thrivecart, CartFlows sets itself apart with its ease of use and flexibility. If you want to take your sales game to the next level, sign up with CartFlows today.


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Cartflows: Create Stunning Sales Funnels in WordPress with Elementor
Cartflows: Create Stunning Sales Funnels in WordPress with Elementor


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