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Mohamed Ali

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. No Trading or Reselling Allowed, Avoid Post Duplication, Be Knid and Courteous, No Hate Speech or Bullying, No Promotion or Scams, Respect Everyons Privacy

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Digitalthink- Lifetime Software Deals, Rocket Deals by Digitalthink

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Affiliate system, Referer system

Digitalthink is a lifetime software deals Facebook group where you will get LTD’s in best offer

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Digital think is a software deal discussion group created on 2 December 2018. Mohamed Ali is the main admin for the group and one of you makes the live chat with respect to new deals and offers at regular intervals.  With the live video for you can get to know bout the new deals and software which are coming to the market and what was the use of those tools, where you can use them in your business and much more, even at last he gives answers to some of the comments in live chat.

At Digitalthink, their main goal is to minimize the cost of launches for developers while at the same time giving them the reach they deserve and giving the best deals to the community of 1,200 members.



They regularly launch great lifetime deals for less price and describes the use of those deals where you can use them to grow your business. Recently they launched Kerjamail which is a secure and email hosting platform. like this, they release the most useful software in collaboration with developers.

Now they created an external network area to discuss new exclusive product release and much more, it works like a Facebook group but comes with an app it has notification and chats option. You can join this external community by following the

You can also promote your affiliates offers by joining a dedicated group called LTD Affiliates by Digitalthink

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Group Rules By the Admins

1. No hate speech racism or negativity

We are grown-up professionals, so let us act like it.

2. Blocking admins/ moderate will get you removed from the group

No explanation needed, if you do not like the admin team, then just exit quietly.

3. No Promotional posts unless approved by admin

This even goes for your awesome program, LTD, which offers a freebie, membership site, website, etc. F you really have something you are sure our members will not be able to live without, then contact admin.

4. No affiliate/ clacked links allowed

We tried allowing affiliate links, but it turned into the wild west with spammy-looking posts. So sadly, no more affiliate links are allowed in the groups

5. Reselling of product in group not allowed

Please post all your reseller posts on the Rocket Deals group

6. Spreading misinformation and negativity

We are here to provide our members with the best deals possible. Spreading negativity and misinformation about the deals without clear proof can get you banned from this group and from the group deals

7. Disclose you association with products

If you are recommending a product to the members and are in any way associated with that product, please disclose. Failure to do so could result in removal from the group

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Final Thoughts

Joining the Digitalthink group will give you an idea about new lifetime deals and you can buy them at a lesser price for lifetime access, you can ask any questions related to the software in the community, by joining other associates groups of Digitalthink like Rocket Deals by Digitalthink, Digitalthink- Lifetime Software Deals you will get much exposure to the new business tools

They also in youtube you can follow them on youtube for better updates and notifications.

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