Drupal: The Advanced CMS with Rich Features in Core Installation


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Drupal is an advanced CMS system that gives more features in core installation but if you go with other CMS you need to install many plugins.

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Drupal turned into one of the most detailed CMS systems offered. The Drupal script has a very detailed program environment, that could be explained much better as a developer’s system than an easy CMS script.

The script is open source like WordPress so selected by many programmers to maintain their content. The CMS can be downloaded and install and checked out at www.drupal.org

Drupal gives power to 2.3% of total websites which are present in the world and has 4.6 % share of the content management market.

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Drupal: The Advanced Cms With Rich Features In Core Installation 1

What Is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source content management software it is used to make the most dynamic and versatile website and application that you are using in day-to-day life.  Drupal has excellent conventional attributes, like very easy material writing, reliable performance, and outstanding safety.

For beginner Drupal is quite difficult to understand without proper coding knowledge, then you need to go with a developer who knows the programming.

What kinds of websites you can construct with Drupal?

Drupal has powerful backend support which makes more potentials required things for large sites. Which makes Drupal is the finest option for large sites. if you require a great deal of personalization, high bandwidth, considerable assured uptime, etc. Then Drupal is the best choice. There are organizations like The Financial expert as well as the White House that make use of Drupal as their CMS.

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Drupal: The Advanced Cms With Rich Features In Core Installation 2

How Drupal works?

Drupal gives more flexibility in customization when compared to WordPress. This implies it’s appropriate for enterprises that expect development, both in terms of website traffic volume as well as functionality. Drupal’s architecture is interlinked components rather than structural hierarchy. Generally Drupal consists of Core APIs, modules, and themes. So Drupal is content-centric and event-driven architecture.

Drupal works with respect to the API, this will use to interact with other modules and other APIs

Drupal Modules are codes and files that give extra features drupal functionalities, these are event-driven which works with respect to APIs and triggers based on the other module’s actions.

Drupal Themes defines the layout and style for your content.

Drupal APIs

APIs are the main strength of Drupal that interacts with content and other modules in Drupal. Here I’m going to gives a brief idea about Drupal APIs.

1. Caching API : This enhances reaction time by saving the output of a web page to ensure that Drupal does not require rendering it again each time when there is a web page request.

2. Database Abstraction API: Thius API gives option to add database queries, update and delete tables in a perticular database.

3. Menu API: Menu API is the main API in Drupal it invokes the first module need to render when a web page is requested. that module can invoke another module at the end Menu API will deliver the results.

4. Modules API: Handles loading of Drupal modules, and includes creating events so that other modules required for building the web page.

Batch ProcessingFile Storage MenuThemeing
CachingForms & ProcessingModulesUnicode Utility
Database AbstractionImage ManipulationOutput FilteringUpdate System
Email HandlingLocale LanguageSession HandlingXMLRPC
Drupal Core APIs

Drupal Features

Drupal has some of the inbuilt features you can increase this by using different modules or by making some custom changes in the code.

Drupal ensures high scalability to keep your site available for customers even during sudden traffic spikes or constant traffic. Learn more about its high scalability.

You can create various user roles with granular access control using Drupal’s security features. For instance, you can grant users permission to create new articles but not delete or publish them.

Content Authoring in Drupal is simplified, allowing easy content creation, workflow management, and publishing. You can preview content across devices and track revisions.

Drupal offers extensive customization of website design and layout using compliant HTML and CSS. With thousands of themes and modules available, you can fast-track design without starting from scratch.

Drupal’s natural language URLs contribute to search engine optimization.
The platform includes features like online forums, commenting, surveys, blogging, RSS feed gathering, and customer profiles by default. Content syndication enables publishing pages or sections to RSS feeds directly.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Works more efficient for creating large, complex websites
  • Support by dedicated community and updates about new modules and bug fixes
  • It has strong security features like giving permissions to user role and more.
  • Multiple content type and content syndication
  • Inbuilt search and content syndication


  • Steep learning curve at least you need to have basic coding knowlegde, difficult to use by non technical person
  • There is no backword compatibily in the new updates (ex, Drupal 8 to 7)
  • Bad module compatibily causes the crash in whole drupal core
  • Developer assistence required in each steps

Final Verdict

Drupal is an advanced CMS system that gives more features in core installation but if you go with other CMS you need to install many plugins. Unfortunate if you want to change the script then you need advanced knowledge of PHP, HTML along with CSS but you can also take the help of excellent technical support, Finally if your website is larger and you concerned about security then Drupal is the portion for you.

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Drupal: The Advanced CMS with Rich Features in Core Installation
Drupal: The Advanced CMS with Rich Features in Core Installation
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