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The fastest and most reliable way to optimize images and speed up your blog or business

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Connect your WordPress blog to Kraken.io API with ease by installing our WordPress plugin, and stop worrying about bloated, slow-loading pages. Once installed, all new image uploads will be automatically optimized on-the-fly. Existing image uploads can be optimized using our Bulk Tool. Getting started with the plugin is very easy; watch the screencast for the quickest way to get going, and find additional information on our WordPress Plugin Page.


Pro’s & Con’s


  • The most reliable image optimization API
  • Dedicated infrastructure at your service
  • Web interface PRO
  • Image re sizing
  • No vendor lock-in
  • io zip uploader
  • io cloud storage
  • Event callbacks via Webhooks
  • Support when you need it


  • No video compression option
  • Has a limit


  • io API handles millions of requests per day without a hitch.
  • Send all your images to the powerful, cutting-edge hardware powering Kraken.io and get them optimized in no time.
  • Paste a list of image URLs into a simple text area and Kraken.io will download them all, optimize them, and give you back a ZIP archive
  • Many images are larger, in terms of dimensions, than they need to be for a given use-case or purpose. When you need to generate sets of images in different sizes or dimensions, there is an easy-to-use image resizing interface.
  • Upload a ZIP archive by dragging it into our Web Interface. Kraken.io will decompress it, optimize all images found within the archive and notify you once the job has completed.
  • Using a CDN? Kraken.io does not force you to use any particular vendor, giving you the freedom to change your CDN provider whenever you like.


Price: Starting from $5/month

Pricing model: Monthly

  • Micro

    $5 /month

    • 500MB of images per month
    • 5$ per additional GB

  • Basic

    $9 /month

    • 2GB of images per month
    • 4$ per additional GB

  • Advanced

    $19 /month

    • 5 GB of images per month
    • 3$ per additional GB

Free Trial: Available

Pricing details

Competitor Plugins

  • Smart Image Compressor
  • EWWW Optimizer


This plugin allows you to optimize and resize new and existing WordPress image uploads through Kraken.io Image Optimizer’s API. Both lossless and intelligent lossy optimization modes are supported. Supported filetypes are JPEG, PNG and GIF (including animated GIF). Maximum filesize limit is 32 MB. Even when using Kraken.io’s lossy optimization, our system goes the extra mile to ensure that the results are of high quality, every time. You can just install the plugin and stop worrying.

Main Features

  • Compress large media images
  • 100MB of free testing quota
  • API Access, with dozens of ready-to-use libraries and modules
  • Web Interface PRO with Image Resizing and sync-to-Dropbox
  • URL Paster
  • Page Cruncher
  • Optimization Stats and History

Bundled Programs

  • Image Optimizer plugin – template

Videos: Kraken

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