Meta API: The Open API Platform for Accelerating Code, Authentication & Deployment

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Meta API is an Open API platform that lets you accelerate your code, authentication, deployment, and monitoring processes. It is a SaaS platform that helps developers to integrate multiple applications. Meta-API is an automation tool where you have sets of actions and triggers.

Meta API allows you to focus on what matters most – integrating your applications -instead of spending time on tedium like getting your code working with various APIs. meta API also simplifies the process of integrating various APIs into your applications and makes it transparent so that companies can focus on what matters most – their business.

Though meta API is not the only choice when it comes to APIs, its features make it a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. So if you’re looking for an easy and powerful way to integrate multiple applications, meta API should be at the top of your list!

meta api
Meta Api

What Is Meta API ?

Meta API is a platform that allows you to connect, integrate and automate hundreds of API behind a single one. It automates API integration to speed up authentication, deployment, and monitoring process. Master your ops by importing your own API, by writing your own code and by deploying whenever you want.

meta api
Meta Api

This platform is for any Open API integration which uses ready-to-use connectors, managed authentication and cloud deployment. Meta API comes to picture when, Integrating your team becomes an extension of yourself, allowing you to continuously deliver innovation at a rapid pace and agility.

Company Details

Marcel Tessier founded this Product in 2019. He believe that APIs are the future of digital services.

Misson of this tool is to make API integration simple, flexible and transparent so that companies can focus on what matters most.

With a fully integrated development environment, Their platform offers modern tech teams a single solution to manage authentication, maintenance and monitoring of their integrations, all in a few clicks!

Company is Headquartered in Paris, Ile de France

How Does It Work?

  • Meta-API is a automation tool where you have sets of actions and triggers.
  • In Meta -API creating a new integration of any 2 or more applications is done via “Spell”. Helps you create new workflow for internal teams and for your clients.
  • In Meta-API you have public API and private API where you can add your own API.
  • You will create a new way and approach to code API automations and integrations via Spell
  • All the tools are put inside this spell, so that you can create fast and reliable integration without struggling with configuration, undocumented features, authentication, serverless deployment, and monitoring.
  • Here are parts inside a Spell:
  1. Connectors: Manage connections between your code and external services, as well as configuration, data formatting, and authentication
  2. Code: Your way to create logic in your workflow and process the data
  3. Dev environment: It is an auto-reloading server for testing.
  4. One-click serverless deployment: version your code and deploy it as a serverless function in a few seconds. This new API can be used anywhere.
  5. Monitoring: Each connection is monitored automatically, and your program is likewise monitored. You’ll be informed if anything goes wrong, and debugging will be simple and quick.


Anyone who has ever tried to search for information on the internet knows how frustrating it can be. Whether you’re looking for that one article that you can’t seem to find or you need to find a certain set of data, the Meta API can help. Meta API offers a wide range of features that make it possible to create tools that help users find information on the internet. Deep linking, pagination, and data volumes management are just a few of the features that are available. Additionally, it’s possible to use the Meta API to create bots that act as interfaces between humans and online systems. So, whether you’re looking for a tool to help you with your search or you need to create a system that interacts with humans, the Meta API has you covered.

Authentication Management

api authentication
Api Authentication

If you’re looking for an easy way to access different APIs, META-API is the right platform for you.

Meta api authentication will save time, effort and energy for your developers as they can concentrate on their coding rather than authentication task. now you don’t have to worry about searching for documentation or authentication formats – the directory is filled with ready-to-use apis.

You can use one of it’s public accounts to access your data in a hurry, or you may setup a fully customized OAuth account. This way, users can allow you to access their data through any Spells. We take care of security and authentication management like refreshing access token.

Encourages all authentication techniques like OAuth, API Key, HTTP Basic, Bearer token, and other forms of authentication. Inside your Meta API Authentication Center, all keys are securely stored.

Serverless Hosting

serverless hosting
Serverless Hosting

Meta-Api is a powerful and secure backend as a service that allows you to create, edit and manage your own spells in an easy way. With its own technology for scaling and deploying Serverless functions on AWS, Meta-Api ensures the best performance for all users.

Meta API handles security, scalability, and exposition to speed up your workflow, allowing you to deploy your automation without any server configuration. It’s code editor allows you to write basic API requests and data transformations, and guarantee that your code will run every time with the best circumstances. It adds simplicity to this serverless architecture.

You may utilize your own servers and run limitless executions using their open-source Runners technology.

API Integration Monitoring

api integration monitoring
Api Integration Monitoring

Meta-Api is a monitoring system that allows you to measure your spells and requests in an insightful way. This will help you to better understand the dynamics of your magic, while keeping your data safe and protected at all times. All processing is done in streaming – meaning that no information is ever stored or kept on file once it has been processed.

Access the Spell, fix the mistake, or replace one of the faulty connections and deploy your Spell. Your corrective actions will be much quicker. Because the production URL will not change, your application will not need to be re-deployed or reconfigured.

Everything is done automatically, right out of the box, with Integration Data Monitoring. There is no need for configuration or code implementation. It’ll provide you with detailed logs on your own interface on the Logs page, starting from the first line of code.

Automation with low code

automation with low code
Automation With Low Code

Spells are an important part of the automation process. They bridge the gap between connectors and your code, providing a seamless way to automate actions and data exchange between APIs.

Once developed, a Spell is exposed as an endpoint that can be accessed by other developers through API calls. In addition to this, you can also call it a meta API – one that oversees all other endpoints created with Spell components in mind!

Access the Spell, fix the mistake, or replace one of the broken connections; then deploy your Spell. Your corrective actions will be much quicker. Since the production URL doesn’t change, your application won’t have to be re-deployed or reconfigured.

Meta Storage

meta storage
Meta Storage

Meta Storage is a key/value database that simplifies the process of storing, retrieving and manipulating data from automation. The feature lets you track, synchronize, and store data between spells and execution, as well as from your automation, making it the ideal companion for implementing complex automation.

This database is shared among multiple automations, so you may exchange data from one account to the next. For implementing complicated automation, Meta Storage will be your best friend.

Code Editor

code editor
Code Editor

Looking for a full-featured editor that can help you write Spells and mix your own algorithms? Look no further than Code Editor. This code editor has all the features you need to design, build, test, and debug sophisticated JavaScript or Typescript applications. It also comes with an impressive auto-generated code feature that makes it easy to get started writing Spells in no time at all!

With Meta API online web editor, you can write code for complex processes and transform data the way you want.

Edit code right from your browser without having to install or download any files or solutions.

The Visual Studio (VS) code editor also lets you extend written code with autocompletion for APIs, so you can easily create your workflow.

You’ll even be able to import external dependencies using NPM to speed up your development process.


  • As Support their offer Online Form, Live Chat and Email support.
  • Their Response time is very good
  • They provide Excellent Documentation and Knowledge Base support.
  • They also amazing blogs for detailed information.

Benefits Of Meta API

  • Simplify Workflows: Enhance team efficiency through streamlined workflows.
  • Increase Adoption: Improve adoption rates by seamlessly connecting with users’ existing ecosystems.
  • Create Powerful Dashboard: Design a robust dashboard to manage and analyze all your data effectively.
  • Data Aggregation for Informed Decisions: Gather and consolidate data to make informed and thoughtful decisions.
  • Meta API for Integration: Utilize Meta API to build integrations that are easy to maintain, and speed up authentication, deployment, and monitoring processes.
  • Custom and make powerful automation with Lumo
  • Data Security: Ensure the security of your data.
  • Scalability with Low-Code: Achieve scalability with the advantages of low-code technology.

Meta API Pricing Plans

Provides 30-day free trial with the scale plan features!

meta api pricing
Meta Api Pricing

Alternatives to Meta API


With Zapier, you get to connect different apps within a matter of minutes! It’s really easy to create simple or complex automation tasks. You can do simple tasks like sending an email based on a new contact in Salesforce or more complicated tasks like building a personalized customer experience and providing personalized recommendations.


Pipedream is a modern API integration platform that lets you connect, control and manage your APIs with code. Control and automate your application development without having to write boilerplate code, struggling with authentication or managing infrastructure.


Autocode is an instant serverless platform for connecting to webhooks, bots and APIs. Build and host Node.js endpoints in seconds. More than just a simple webhook trigger, Autocode allows you to run code whenever an event occurs on your favorite APIs.

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Meta API Medium

Is Meta API right for You ?

Meta API is a powerful API that allows developers to access and manage their data in a more efficient way. One API to run them all, Any app can be found in their catalog, just browse into the +530 apps, and if you don’t have found your beloved one, add it yourself.

With Meta API, you can use the same automations no matter how big is your company, and the workflows will automatically evolve with your needs.


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Expert Score 8.2
  • A good tool for coders.
  • Easy to use
  • Save a lot of time
  • Cost-effective.
  • Fast generation of code
  • Multi-language support.
  • Meta API isn't the best platform for you if you're not a developer or don't need to deploy code quickly and simply.
Meta API: The Open API Platform for Accelerating Code, Authentication & Deployment
Meta API: The Open API Platform for Accelerating Code, Authentication & Deployment


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