Ora: Boost Your Task Management and Productivity

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As a team leader, you know how important it is to keep your team organized and productive. However, managing tasks can be a challenging task in itself. This is where Ora comes in – the ultimate task management tool that helps you streamline your workflow and boost productivity. With its powerful features, Ora makes managing tasks a breeze.


What is Ora?

An Overview

Ora is a comprehensive task management software designed to enhance productivity. It allows you to streamline your workflow and maintain organization effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, Ora makes task management a seamless experience. Collaborating with team members is made easy through Ora’s collaborative features.

Ora is an all-in-one real-time workspace for teams. It has whatever your team might need to be efficient. Project & task management, kanban, scrum, time tracking, chat, reports on tasks, and overall performance. It is effective, yet easy to utilize.

ora- project management tool
Ora- Project Management Tool

Ora is made for teams of any size (even solo users) that want to track their tasks, jobs, or others. It is perfect for everyone trying to find a much better task management system.

Company Details

Ora PM Ltd was early launched in 2017, in a small European country known as Bulgaria. Vasil Enchev and Nikolay Yanev are co-founders of the company.

Ora’s mission is to empower you to work stress-free and collaborate the way you want! Choose an existing methodology or create your own.

Online Presence


Steps to get started

How does it work?
  • Using Ora’s Project Templates
  • Importing projects from Trello, Asana, and GitHub
  • Creating your first project
  • Creating a new organization
  • Add On’s
  • Account Settings
  • Kanban (Board like) View
  • Creating a new task: tips, tricks, and Secrets
  • Adding members to your Organization

Understanding the Productivity features of Ora

Basic Functionalities

The Power of Cards in Ora’s Project Management

Utilize Ora’s card system to efficiently organize tasks, deadlines, and resources. Customize cards with labels, due dates, and attachments for better task management. Track progress and communicate with team members using card comments and activity logs.

card details
Card Details

Access all the information you need in one detailed view, including attachments, checklists, comments, and more. Keep everyone well-informed by @mentioning team members in comments and adding them as watchers. Enhance your task management with Ora’s powerful features.

Kanban Board

kanban board
Kanban Board

Optimize your project workflow with Ora’s Kanban boards. Visualize and track task progress using Ora’s Kanban board columns. Move tasks easily across Ora’s Kanban board to reflect their current status.

Assign team members to specific tasks on Ora’s Kanban board for clear accountability. Customize Ora’s Kanban board to match your team’s preferred workflow and methodology. Kanban boards allow you to make different lists for different stages of your projects and identify bottlenecks in your process.

List View

list view
List View

Organize and manage tasks effectively with Ora’s list view. Prioritize tasks easily using drag-and-drop functionality. Filter tasks based on various criteria for better visibility. Collaborate with team members by assigning tasks and adding comments.

Customize the list view to display relevant task information. Make lists with tasks, allowing your team to see priorities clearly. Label, assign, and add links to tasks for instant organization. Take advantage of Sorting, Grouping, and Filtering features to stay organized.

Table View

table view
Table View

A grid or table view in Ora allows you to visualize your project as a spreadsheet, providing a clear overview of key attributes. With this view, you can quickly enter data in different rows and work with custom fields, enhancing your task management experience.

The table view is especially useful for focusing on specific details and streamlining data entry, making it an essential feature of Ora, the best task management software for boosting productivity.

Agenda View

Plan and schedule tasks efficiently with Ora’s agenda view. Visualize task deadlines and due dates for better time management. Organize your time, be more effective, and focus on important tasks.

Ora’s agenda view also shows tracked time and completed tasks directly on the calendar. Select projects and teammates to focus on, and easily switch between tasks. Block time for specific tasks and manage calendar events directly from the agenda calendar.

Calendar Events

calendar events
Calendar Events

Efficiently managing your events is crucial for clearing time for important tasks. With Ora’s task management software, you can easily select calendars, create, and modify events.

You also have the option to add event or meeting notes, ensuring that all the necessary details are organized and easily accessible. Stay on top of your schedule and boost your productivity with Ora’s calendar events feature.

Time Boxing

Boost your focus and productivity by allocating specific time blocks for your tasks. Stay disciplined and avoid multitasking by dedicating uninterrupted time to each task.

Improve your time management skills by setting realistic time limits for your tasks. Block time for tasks from any project. Follow and complete your daily plan. Pull in unscheduled tasks from your Inbox or drag and drop them onto your daily calendar to schedule.

3D Grouping and Sorting

Effortlessly organize your tasks with Ora’s 3D Grouping and Sorting feature. Customize your task view by grouping them based on priority, due date, or project. Easily find and prioritize your tasks by organizing them based on the assignee, label, milestone, or any custom field of your choice.

Gain new insights into your work by grouping tasks up to three times. Apply to sort and start tackling your tasks from top to bottom. Boost your task management and productivity with Ora’s best feature.

Smart Lists and Filters

Once something is collected in Ora, you don’t need to constantly think about it unless it’s part of your daily plan. The platform sorts your to-do list into different categories such as Inbox, My Day, Planned, Upcoming, and more.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to create custom filters to further organize your tasks. This feature allows for efficient task management and enhanced productivity.

Time Tracking & Estimates

time tracking
Time Tracking

Track your time effortlessly using built-in timers for each task in Ora, the best task management software. With Ora, it’s not just about tracking time; it’s about providing visibility to your entire team on what you’re currently working on and when you expect to finish.

Moreover, you can record the time needed for future reference. Stay on top of your tasks and estimates with Ora’s efficient time-tracking feature.

Powerful Integrations


Seamlessly integrate with popular productivity tools such as Trello, Asana, and Google Workspace. Sync your tasks, deadlines, and project milestones across multiple platforms. Access your tasks and collaborate with your team using your preferred project management software.

Enjoy the convenience of using familiar tools while benefiting from Ora’s enhanced functionality. Streamline your workflow by connecting Ora with other apps and services you already use. Boost your productivity by leveraging the power of Ora’s powerful integrations with other leading tools in the industry.


Collaborating and Conquering with Ora

collaboration features

Task Channels and Mentions

Ora’s task channels allow for focused discussions on specific tasks, ensuring conversations stay organized and on topic. Each task acts as its own chat channel, providing instant context and saving all related discussions for future reference.

With the ability to @mention teammates, clients, and stakeholders, you can grab their attention and get quick responses related to the work that needs to be done. Ora streamlines communication, allowing you to spend less time chatting and more time accomplishing tasks.


Comment on top of attachments like PDFs, videos, and images to create actionable checklist items for task assignees. Annotations in Ora allow you to be specific by pointing directly to a specific area in the attachment.

With this feature, you can provide clear instructions and feedback, ensuring that everyone understands what needs to be done. This helps streamline task management and boosts productivity. Ora’s annotation feature is one of the best task management software features available.

Advanced Privacy

image 63
Ora: Boost Your Task Management And Productivity 1

To enhance privacy, Ora offers advanced features to hide tasks, lists, and comments from public and observer members. You can engage in team-only discussions within specific tasks while simultaneously replying to clients.

Simply set who has access to the discussion. With these privacy settings, you can maintain confidentiality and ensure that sensitive information is only visible to the intended audience. Ora prioritizes your privacy and empowers you to manage your tasks with confidence and security.

Public task creation

Improve collaboration with external stakeholders using Ora’s public task creation feature. Seamlessly collaborate with external teams and enhance transparency and efficiency in your projects. With this feature, clients and users can easily create tasks, add attachments, comment, and vote without the need for a sign-up.

Select a specific list and enable seamless third-party task creation with Ora. Enhance productivity by involving external stakeholders in your task management process.



  • Product Management
  • Startups
  • Remote teams
  • Engineering teams
  • Design teams
  • Marketing teams

Pricing Plans


Ora is entirely free forever upto 10 users with Unrestricted tasks, comments, accessories including some basic add-ons.
Ora premium plan begins at $10 monthly, per user. Ora likewise offers a 30-day totally free trial.

image 68
Monthly Plan
image 69
Yearly Plans


Technical Support, Knowledge Base


Similar tools


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Final Verdict

Is Ora for you?

In conclusion, Ora is the ultimate task management tool that can significantly boost your productivity and streamline your workflow. With its powerful features such as Kanban boards, time tracking, smart lists, and integrations, it provides a comprehensive solution for managing tasks and projects. Ora also enhances collaboration among team members with features like task channels, annotations, and advanced privacy settings.

Its success stories and case studies demonstrate its effectiveness in improving team productivity and achieving better organization. When it comes to task management tools, Ora stands out as a reliable and efficient option. Give Ora a try and experience the difference it can make in your team’s productivity and success.


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Ora: Boost Your Task Management and Productivity
Ora: Boost Your Task Management and Productivity


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