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Superfly — Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

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Superfly is an easy to use WordPress menu plugin that can be used as a standalone navigation or a compliment to your main menu. It helps navigation to get easier and user-friendly, is fully responsive thus bonds well with computers and mobile devices, generates space-efficient vertical/push/sliding/static navigation, icon toolbar or full screen menu of your choice. The slide features in vertical menu proved itself on mobiles and now on desktops can also be used as ‘always visible’ navigation tool as well.

Superfly Feat


  • 100% responsive and compatible with most browsers.
  • You can attach as many WordPress menus as needed.
  • Choose your own Google Font styles and change size, color, width, etc.
  • Use the icon library and its pre-installed icon sets or upload your own style menu items or buttons.
  • Use menu button settings such as x,y-positioning, base and icon colors, text label size, custom icon, etc.
  • Consists of a social bar with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Skype, RSS and e-mail.
  • A cosy admin panel with clean design, structure and tons of handy options.


Price: Starting from $29

Pricing model: monthly

Free Trial: Free version available.

Pricing Details 

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Displaying controls with show/hide options for any device.
  • Trigger settings with options to hide default menu or toggle menu buttons.
  • Various menu modes – slide in, static, compact icon, skewed panel, fullscreen, etc.
  • Decorate the menu with widgets, shortcodes, html code or any such rich elements.
  • Group your menu items into logical sections and give its headings the style you wish.
  • The label is fixed to content and button can be scrolled with floating disabled.
  • Use the rich text-editor to edit, style and modify custom content.


  • Poor customizability.
  • Chrome browser throws some glitches rendering fixed background after CSS transformation is applied.
  • Styling breaks when resizing the window.

Competitors Plugins


Superfly is thus a really useful menu plugin that lets you discover tons of options to customize the look and behavior of your vertical menu. It injects a specified menu on your side bar and gives it an elegant look. It is properly adapted for both desktop and mobile devices and comes pretty cheap comparatively. The behavior options are controllable as well.You can add images and levels to your menu items, create custom panels to show your extra content, hover cursor on left edge of browser window to activate menu and see it generate a native-like navbar. So download, open, optimize greatly with purely created CSS3 content to enhance menu options.

Main Features

  • Side menu/vertical menu
  • Skewed design option
  • Image background options
  • Shiny icon bar to access all pages
  • Fullscreen mode to attract customers
  • Smooth scroll to anchored element
  • The hamburger button to attach your own revealing trigger.

Bundled Programs

  • Menu plugin – template
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