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Put all your existing Visual Composer Add-ons in one bundle!

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This plugin is the addon for Visual Composer Page Builder. It has a cube box that includes optional background image on both sides, optional avatar, support circle image or icon. It has an amazing carousel and gallery, optional dot and arrow navigation. It also has a stack gallery and a testimonial carousel. Direction gallery and App Mockup gallery provide powerful 3D and thumbnail options. It also includes depth modal, profile card, Fluidbox, Ribbon, Animate button which are all in simple design and help you add an eye catching effect to your site.



  • CSS 3D effect for the thumbnails, 3D hover effects, CSS3 transitions, font awesome icon support.
  • Optional arrow navigation, arrow color, auto delay slideshow, image size, header image, image size, etc
  • Support other VC shortcode, optional figure label, description, title and font size.
  • You can customize it to a to do list or price table where optional front-end only interactive for the to do list.
  • Optional layout for the Medium gallery, you can manually set a string of numbers to specify the number of images each row contains.
  • Optional container width, align center automatically, unlimited accordion item, accordion support any kind of content.
  • Tab menu support Font awesome icon, 3 available tab styles and smooth transition.
  • You can choose to display the image in Zoom or Magnify mode where zoom image can be displayed in retina.
  • In Zoom mode, you can choose the control bar position, container background pattern, container width etc in the backend.In the Magnify mode, you can customize the glass radius, border size, border color, apply gray filter to the image, how to move the magnify glass(press or mouseover), customize the default position of the glass when page loaded etc.


Price: $26

Pricing model: one-time payment

Free Trial: Free version available.

Pricing Details 

Pro’s & Con’s


  • CSS3 flex box driven design, make it responsive and expandable.
  • Customize color, WordPress built-in rich text editor, optional tooltip.
  • Thumbnail support custom link or lightbox and retina ready.
  • Hotspot icon support pulse animation and optional tooltip options.
  • Icon support built-in icon picker after Visual Composer and smooth CSS3 flip transition.
  • Avatar can be in circle, rounded small, rounded large or square.
  • Optional icon background, optional link, background color for the content area.
  • Auto play slideshow, auto scrollbar support for the long content.


  • Plugin does not work with iFrame
  • it lacks some serious UX UI accessibility like selecting icons and general settings etc.
  • Some elements do not accept HTML code or even a simple comma in a title.

Competitors Plugins


All the features of this pack are awesome and the Visual Composer addons make the job look perfect. Helps you add side by side image with text-box and you can add a compare slider with it. You can add an Apple TV like 3D tilt hover image with optional caption below. It integrates all the add-ons in one bundle and are in a single design. This bundle works fine with VC that is installed as a plugin or in a theme.

Main Features

  • Skew box, shadow card and expand grid options
  • iHover
  • Image hotspot with tooltip
  • Flip box and gradient box
  • Cube box and parallax
  • Draggable timeline
  • Page transition
  • Thumbnail with caption
  • Seperator with text or icon.
  • Metro carousel tile and gallery
  • Zoom or magnify and tab options
  • Figure navigation, masonry gallery, DA gallery, App Mockup gallery
  • Scrolling notification and font awesome animation

Bundled Programs

  • Visual Composer plugin – template

Videos: Visual Composer Extensions Addon All in One

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Visual Composer Extensions Addon All in One
Visual Composer Extensions Addon All in One


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