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WP Shifty




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WP Shifty is a Web Speed Optimization tool, which manages all your WordPress plugins and improves work efficiency.

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Manage all your plugins from one place
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  • Should have the basics of WordPress and speed optimization to use this tool.

As a blogger, you’ve worked hard to create a strong presence for your blog. But are people finding the time to visit your blog? The answer is likely no. In most cases, people don’t find the time to do so. Even if they have the time, they are not sure whether the effort is worth it or not.

The problem with this is that people are seeing a decline in organic traffic. This can be because of improper optimization of your blog or a lack of effort on your part. To overcome this, you might want to consider installing one of the best optimization plugins for websites such as WP Shifty. This plugin is designed to help you improve the visibility of your blog and drive more organic traffic. It also helps you hide inactive users and blocks spam bots from accessing your blog.


WP Shifty Overview

What Is WP Shifty?

WP Shifty is a tool that can improve web page speed by removing unnecessary CSS and JavaScript and disabling plugins. With its simple-to-use interface, it can help you optimize your pages in no time.

wp shifty
Wp Shifty

WP Shifty is an alternative to Perfmatters and Asset CleanUp Pro. It allows users to manage all plugins from a single location, allowing them to easily control their online experience.

It is recommended to use a cache plugin with it for the best results, as it helps reduce server load and speeds up webpages. Besides, it also lets users customize the plugins’ settings to meet their individual needs.

Overall, with the help of WP Shifty, you can ensure your pages are optimized and loaded quickly.

Online Presence


How to activate WP Shifty?

How to get started?
  • To enable and activate the plugin for your website, you don’t need a license key.
  • To do so, you can simply click to ‘Activate license’ from the WP Shifty dashboard in the WP admin area.
  • After completing the steps, your site will be activated with the subscription that you have chosen.
  • From there, you can check and manage your site’s settings and features. You can also customize themes, configure security settings, and more.
  • With WP Shifty as a part of your website’s setup, you can enjoy enhanced performance and enhanced security on your site.

WP Shifty: Key Features

Why Use WP Shifty?

If you’re trying to optimize your site’s performance, consider using WP Shifty. It has features designed to help you manage all of your plugins from one place and disable plugins on specific pages or devices for specific roles or post types. With it, you can optimize JavaScript, CSS, and page size by disabling specific CSS or JS files, which can improve Web Vital’s score while providing deals up to 30% off on all plans.

Noting the importance of software updates, it also offers bugfix for auto-scheduler reset mode, removing extra buttons and using a select box instead. Ultimately, if you want to make your website faster and more secure, WP Shifty is a good option to consider.

Complex scenarios

adding conditions
Adding Conditions

WP Shifty is a powerful plugin that allows you to create complex rulesets. With WP Shifty, you can define complex scenarios, allowing you to specify where the configured rules should be applied. Scenarios are collections of rules which should be applied when conditions are met. You can easily combine conditions, allowing you to tailor your rulesets to meet specific requirements.

For example, you can disable

image 94
Wp Shifty: Boost Your Website Speed And Efficiency 1

By creating complex rulesets in WP Shifty, you can streamline your website’s security and achieve a more secure and efficient user experience.

Manage Plugins

WP Shifty enables you to selectively enable or disable plugins for specific scenarios. This can help to minimize bloated CSS and JavaScript, reduce database requests, and reduce TTFB.

Unlike other similar solutions, WP Shifty allows you to set complex rules for when to enable or disable plugins. For example, you can disable a plugin on individual posts or pages if the feature is not necessary. This helps improve page speed and the overall performance of your website.

disabling plugins
Disabling Plugins

In addition, WP Shifty allows you to enable plugins by post type (e.g. blog post) or even by user type (i.e. admin, author) or device, etc. This helps optimize individual pages and pages that can’t be cached, like admin pages and AJAX requests. Overall, WP Shifty is a powerful plugin management solution that can help optimize your website’s performance while reducing overhead costs and improving user experience.

Disable Resources

Static assets like CSS and JavaScript can be loaded on every page, but they should only be required when they are needed. If a static resource is being loaded on all pages, it’s likely because it’s required to render the page content correctly.

disable resources
Disable Resources

However, not all static resources are necessary, so you should disable those that aren’t needed. For example, some themes or plugins may load unnecessary files, making your website slower and more resource-intensive.

You can safely disable these unneeded resources with a single click in Live mode or by adding complex rules in the editor. Additionally, you can define rules for specific URL patterns using exact selectors, partial matching, or regular expression matching. By disabling unused or unnecessary resources, you can speed up your WordPress site significantly.

Overwrite Resources

If you want to selectively disable CSS or JavaScript but not the rest, use the overwrite feature. With this, you can overwrite any CSS and JavaScript files without having to disable the rest of it. For example, if your theme is using Google Fonts but incorrectly, and you would like to add font-display: swap to all font declarations, you can use the overwrite feature to selectively disable specific font declarations without disabling the rest of them.

You can also minify and beautify CSS and JavaScript content to be able to edit them. By selectively disabling CSS or JS in particular situations, you can tailor your site’s performance to suit your needs and save resources.

Preload Resources

preload resources
Preload Resources

You can preload CSS, JS, images, video, audio, and documents to improve the performance of your website. This will ensure that no page takes longer to load than necessary. You can also add a media query to preload the right sizes and versions for different devices.

It is important to note that preloading resources does not always guarantee a faster-loading website. However, it is an effective way to improve the speed of your site. By preloading files, you can ensure that none of your pages take longer than necessary to load.

Load behavior

WP Shifty allows you to delay the loading of specific CSS or JavaScript files. You can lazyload CSS files or selectively load only some of them. You can also set embedded scripts to asynchronously or defer their execution until user interaction, such as mouse movement, scrolling, or clicking on an element. Lazyloading styles and scripts will only be loaded when the visitor interacts with the page, resulting in faster page loads and reduced data consumption.

Lazyloaded styles and scripts will be loaded only on user interaction, resulting in faster page loads and reduced data consumption. Async scripts will be loaded and executed asynchronously while deferred scripts will be executed only after the whole document has been parsed.

This gives you more control over how your pages load and boosts performance. Thus, WP Shifty gives you the flexibility to tailor your page load speed to suit your users’ specific behaviors and browsing patterns.

Inject HTML

You can inject arbitrary HTML code to any pages (both on the front end and admin) at the beginning/end of the head/footer, or after the styles in the head.

This can be useful to inject content such as CSS styles, JavaScript snippets, or images into a page. This can be useful for injecting content into a page to customize its design or to add additional functionality.

You can also use this feature to inject HTML code into a page for SEO purposes.


How is WP Shifty different from other optimization Plugin?

  • With other plugins, you can set simple rules such as not allowing comments on a page to be delayed. This is where WP Shifty differs.
  • You can define complex rulesets – scenarios – easily, to specify where the configured rules should be applied.
  • For example, you could specify that all comments received after 2 pm should be displayed instantly and without delay. This makes it easy to combine conditions, but also use all condition types as an exception.
  • With the Live Preview feature, you can test your rules in real time, making it easier to ensure that your settings are correct.
  • WP Shifty allows you to create complex settings easily and efficiently, providing a better experience for your visitors.

WP Shifty: Pricing Plans

Premium Plugin

It does not offer a free trial but offers 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can test the plugin to use it further.

yearly pricing
Yearly Pricing

WP Shifty Uses

Benefits and Applications
  • If you’re looking to speed up your WordPress site, then WP Shifty is a great tool to use. It allows you to manage all plugins in one place and disable plugins on specific pages, devices, user roles, or post types.
  • This means you can easily optimize pages by removing unnecessary CSS and JavaScript, allowing for better Web Vitals scores.
  • With the extensive plugin options available, you can create complex rulesets and conditions to specify where rules should be applied.
  • This ensures your site runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Plus, it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, so it’s a cost-effective option for any website owner.

WP Shifty: Support

Knowledgebase, Roadmap, Changelog, Contact support

Other Alternatives to WP Shifty

Similar Plugins


The Perfmatters plugin will give you insight into your WordPress site’s performance and show you areas for improvement. It will also allow you to take action and speed up your WordPress website by automatically optimizing any issues found.

Asset Cleanup Pro

Asset CleanUp” scans your page and detects all the assets that are loaded. All you have to do when editing a page/post is just to select the CSS/JS that is not necessary to load, this way reducing the bloat.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin for WordPress. WordPress experts recognize it as the most powerful caching tool. 

Final Verdict

Is WP Shifty any good?

WP Shifty is a plugin to boost your WordPress site speed. It optimizes your site by rewriting CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files on the fly to reduce page load time. Besides that, it compresses images and makes use of caching plugins to make accessing your site faster.

To get the best results from this plugin, you have to learn how to use it and which settings to change. However, if you’re looking for other optimization plugins that offer similar features, go ahead and check those out too.


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WP Shifty: Boost Your Website Speed And Efficiency
WP Shifty: Boost Your Website Speed And Efficiency


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