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Reported On: June 28, 2021
By: Sathwik Prabhu
GitScrum lets you control your tasks, user stories, and sprints allowing your team to manage all their daily tasks more efficiently.

Issue Reported: 

Poor Support/ No Response

What went Wrong ?

Much to our disappointment, support said we are not able to get a refund and instead of accepting our complaints simply told us that we should have read all the terms and conditions ahead of signing up

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John Cafigo

I created a GitScrum account last week and found the tool amazing. I’m managing my company’s projects and all my clients are following the progress in real time. Support also made me very happy, in less than 30 minutes my issue was resolved.


I think they try to get new customers and keep them happy.. but check the old LTD buyers and their experiences on Facebook groups.. you will get an idea..

LTD Buyer

GitScrum is horrible money greedy company. They sell you LTD then they lock you at some point and tell you to buy add-on LTD… you buy it and then they again lock you at some point and asks you to buy more add-ons… and it keeps going on. They don’t allow you to delete the workspace.. again money grabbing practice.

The team is totally greedy and deserve a place in hell.

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