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Why Appsfomo?

Honest Reviews

You will find many great wordpress plugins and themes already reviewed here.. the criteria considered are performance, features, Compatibility and use care scenarios. We continue to improve the review criterias and adding new reviews weekly. 

Deals and Offers

Appsfomo was also created to help visitors and members to find great deals in one place. One stop place for all web softwares related topics, offers and deals. Explore our database to find great deals!

Product Comparisons

Our platform is using dynamic generated content, If you are looking to compare a theme based on price, features, capabilities, you wont be dissapointed with our Comparison feature. Just click and find out in one view which app is the best for you. 

About the site

Appsfomo was actually started some yrs back and the intention with the site was to provide reviews of wordpress plugins and themes mainly from codecanyon. But we soon realized that the scope of apps and web solutions were much more broad to focus on WordPress. So we have rebuilt from scratch and with more modern standards. Now the site would focus on multiple topics like Themes, Plugins, SaaS solutions, hosting Services, Deals, Facebook groups and much more.. So stay Tuned !!

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Tutorials, Guides and more..

Duplicate WordPress posts and pages

3 Ways to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

This article gives you a detailed guide for duplicating existing page or post using various methods manually, using a plugin, or without a plugin using your own custom PHP snippet. This will some handy to duplicate and create a copy, if you have lots of similar posts or pages in wordpress.

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Cloudmin on Hetzner Root Servers

In this documentation you’ll understand how to install the virtualization software “virtualmin/cloudmin” onto a Hetzner Root Server. This can be challenging at some points which is related to Hertzners way of networking.

Read More »

Appsfomo provides Tutorials, Guides, Tips on various web related topics to help both novice and experienced web developers solve their routine problems. We strive hard to provide great upto date content to help our visitors.

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