Code Snippets AI

Code Snippets AI

Grab this LTD at just $49!! From adding unit tests to deploying apps, Code Snippets AI takes care of everything so you can focus on your project.
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What does the tool do

Code Snippets AI is a Visual Studio Code extension that can generate, refactor, debug, optimize, and store code for your team. The AI finds all the common snippets and saves them for future use to provide you with an instant solution for any coding challenge. And when you’re ready to share your creation with the world, AI makes it easy to include the relevant code.

How does it Help?

Code Snippets AI is a completely new breed of machine learning that has been created specifically for code generation problems like these. It’s trained using many thousands of code examples, which gives it a huge amount of data to learn from. It then uses this data to train its own model, before finally predicting the correct snippet in real-time as you type.

It’s incredibly fast at doing all of this and will get better over time as more people use it and share more examples with it. Plus, as you use it yourself, it’ll adapt its understanding of the language and start generating more accurate snippets as well

Ideal For

Developers, Freelancers, Web design agencies

Similar To

Replit, Sourcegraph Cody, Codeium.


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