DigitalOcean: Simplify Your Cloud Infrastructure, Scalable and Flexible

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Cloud Computing refers to storing and accessing data and computing services over the internet. It allows businesses to store, manage, and process their data in an off-site location—the “cloud”—making it easier to access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud computing also offers scalability so businesses can increase or reduce storage space as needed without any downtime. With its power and flexibility, cloud computing has become the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes that need fast and reliable storage solutions.


What Is DigitalOcean?


DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform designed to make it simple and cost-effective for developers, startups, and small businesses to deploy and manage web applications. It is a leading provider of virtual private servers (VPS) as well as hosting services such as managed databases, object storage, Kubernetes clusters, and more.

homepage of digitalocean
Homepage Of Digitalocean

DigitalOcean provides users with a range of powerful tools to create, deploy and manage their applications. It has quickly become one of the most popular cloud hosting providers for developers around the world.

Company Details

DigitalOcean based in New York City, was founded in 2011 by Ben and Moisey Uretsky with the goal of simplifying web infrastructure for software developers. It has become a popular choice for developers and businesses who are looking for an affordable and reliable cloud solution.

about company
About Company

DigitalOcean has raised funding through venture capital. The company has used its funding to expand its operations and invest in new technologies.

Online Presence


DigitalOcean’s key features

Basic Cloud Computing Pillars

Private Networking

DigitalOcean provides private networking capabilities that allow users to securely connect between their virtual machines and other resources, such as databases, storage systems, and applications. The users can easily configure VPN connections, allowing them to access their cloud environments from any location without compromising security. Additionally, users can create secure tunnels between their cloud resources for increased safety and reliability.

image 36
Networking Of Digitalocean

Cloud Control Panel

The control panel is extremely user-friendly, allowing users to quickly set up and customize their cloud environment as needed without having to manage physical hardware on-site. The control panel offers a variety of features, such as its one-click application deployment, automated backups, and high availability options. It also provides users with detailed analytics on their cloud usage and performance to help them make informed decisions about their cloud environment.

Multiple Datacenter Locations

DigitalOcean has multiple data center locations across the globe, providing customers with low-latency connections and fast response times. This also reduces the risk of hardware failures due to natural disasters or other events that could affect a single data center. Their global network of data centers allows them to provide reliable cloud computing services to their customers in any part of the world.


DigitalOcean’s API allows developers to interact with their cloud platform using programmatic calls. It provides the ability to create, manage and destroy Droplets (virtual private servers), as well as other features such as floating IPs, images, volumes, and more. Additionally, DigitalOcean provides libraries in various languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, and more to make it easier for developers to use the API.

image 34
Diditalocean’S Domains And Dns

Easy Application Deployment

DigitalOcean offers users the ability to deploy popular applications in just one click using preconfigured images. This feature is designed to make it easy for developers and businesses to quickly launch an application without having to manually configure and install all of the necessary components.


How is DigitalOcean different from others?

Unique features

Kubernetes Clusters

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system that enables organizations to manage cloud-native applications.

DigitalOcean has integrated Kubernetes clusters into its cloud computing platform, allowing users to quickly and easily spin up clusters of virtual machines to run their applications in the cloud. The Kubernetes clusters are highly scalable, allowing users to quickly and easily increase or decrease the number of nodes in a cluster based on their application needs. Additionally, the clusters can be deployed across multiple regions for enhanced reliability.

image 183


The droplets feature allows users to quickly spin up virtual servers in just minutes. Droplets are the building blocks of DigitalOcean, providing users with a simple yet powerful way to create and manage virtual machines in the cloud. Droplets are built using a secure and reliable infrastructure based on OpenStack technology, making them ideal for running applications and websites. They come with pre-configured distributions of Linux or Windows, allowing users to get up and running quickly without having to worry about setting up the operating system.

image 37

Dedicated Firewalls

Dedicated firewalls offer an extra layer of security on top of the existing server protection layers. The firewalls are managed by DigitalOcean, allowing customers to customize their security settings according to their needs. They can also be used to block or allow certain types of traffic and provide additional protection against malicious activity. Additionally, customers can configure their firewalls to create a secure environment for their applications and data.

Block storage and Digital Ocean Spaces

Block storage and Digital Ocean Spaces are two popular cloud storage solutions offered by DigitalOcean. Block Storage offers a high-performance, reliable way to store and access data for applications running on the cloud. On the other hand, Digital Ocean Spaces is an object storage solution for storing and serving large amounts of unstructured data.

image 185
Storage Spaces

The main difference between the two is that Block Storage is designed to be used as a high-performance storage medium for applications, while Digital Ocean Spaces is designed to store large amounts of unstructured data like images, videos, and other files. Block Storage can also be used to store backups of databases and applications, while Digital Ocean Spaces is limited to storing media files. Additionally, Block Storage integrates with the rest of DigitalOcea

DigitalOcean VS AWS




Ease of Use

It is easy-to-understand user interface with menus and tools.

It has more complex options that require technical knowledge
to navigate. 


It is comparitively cheaper, starting from $4.

Starts from $5.

Key Features

Auto-scaling, reliable, easy management.

Simple dashboard, Great community, Easy Configuration, etc.

Storage Options

Spaces Object Storage, Volumes Block Storage.

Local Droplet storage, Block Storage Volumes, and Object Storage with Spaces.


Droplets, DigitalOcean Kubernetes, Managed Databases, Spaces Block Storage, Volumes Block Storage.

Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Glacier, AWS Lambda, and many more.

Focus area

Developers and small applications

Big scalable applications

Object Storage

Provides fully integrated with a CDN service

Does not provide an out-of-the-box CDN service integrated with S3.

image 33
Get Started With Digitalocean

DigitalOcean VS Linode




Hosting Types

Cloud VPS, managed Kubernetes, managed app platform

Cloud VPS, managed Kubernetes, dedicated Bare Metal servers


Starting from $4.

Starting from $5


Spaces Object Storage, Volumes Block Storage.

Block Storage, Object Storage, Backups.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Firewalls, Load Balancers, DNS.

Cloud Firewall, DDoS Protection, DNS Manager, NodeBalancers, VLAN.


1TB – 10TB

1TB – 20TB


Include an in-built CDN for its optional simple object storage service , called “Spaces”.

Linode doesn’t really have much to offer regarding CDNs, but it does have a premium migration service


Why choose DigitalOcean?

Use Cases and Benefits
  • Agencies and Web Dev Shops
  • Apps for Startups and Work from Home
  • Kubernetes administration and operations
  • Security and VPN

Pricing Plans

Annual Pricing
image 19
Digitalocean: Simplify Your Cloud Infrastructure, Scalable And Flexible 1


Technical Support, Knowledge Base, Roadmaps, Changelogs
  • Support Links/ Contact Page Links: u003ca href=u0022
  • Documentation link: u003ca href=u0022
  • Public Changelog: u003ca href=u0022 u0022u003e u003c/au003e
  • They have support pricing plans according to the users requirements.
  • They provide tutorials and Qu0026amp;A support.


Similar Apps

Finding an alternative to DigitalOcean can be a daunting task, especially with the sheer number of cloud hosting providers available on the market. Fortunately, there are several reliable alternatives to DigitalOcean that offer similar features and benefits at competitive prices.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that enables users to access a suite of over 175 services, including storage, analytics, databases, mobile, application services and more.


Linode is a cloud hosting provider that offers reliable and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. It provides an intuitive user interface, optimized performance, and powerful features such as auto-scaling and load balancing.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is one of the simplest and easiest to use options for finding old files, documents, and photos. This tool helps protect data from ransomware or malware as it is protected and needs proper authentication to access stored data. 


Cloudways is a u003cstrongu003emanaged hosting provideru003c/strongu003e that emphasizes performance and simplicity. From the simple server and application launch to the ongoing server maintenance, Cloudways takes away all the hassles of server management.
$12/Month Buy this item

Final Verdict

Is DigitalOcean right for You ?

In conclusion, DigitalOcean is an ideal cloud computing platform for businesses looking for an intuitive and reliable solution for their hosting needs. The platform provides users with the ability to quickly spin up virtual servers, deploy popular applications in one-click, customize their security settings and take advantage of optimized performance. Additionally, DigitalOcean offers a range of support options and pricing plans that are tailored to individual user needs. All of these features make DigitalOcean an attractive choice when it comes to cloud hosting.

For those seeking to take their cloud computing experience one step further, DigitalOcean is an excellent choice!



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Getting started with DigitalOcean

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  • Intuitive user interface
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  • Affordable pricing
  • Dedicated Firewalls for additional security.
  • Limited Operating Systems 
  • Limited scalability
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DigitalOcean: Simplify Your Cloud Infrastructure, Scalable and Flexible
DigitalOcean: Simplify Your Cloud Infrastructure, Scalable and Flexible


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