Mangools: Simple SEO Tool for Keyword Research and Tracking

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A SEO tool is a software program or suite of programs designed to help website owners and content creators optimize their websites for search engines. By utilizing SEO tools, users can ensure that their websites are optimized for the best possible performance in organic search engine rankings.

Unlock the power of SEO with Mangools – the affordable and mighty tool that’s got your back when it comes to keyword tracking and research.


What Is Mangools?


Mangools is a suite of keyword research and analysis tools designed to help you find the best keywords for your website or online business.

Mangools offers a wide range of features for keyword research, analysis and tracking. You can easily uncover the top performing keywords for your niche, analyze competition to determine which keywords are best for SEO, as well as track your performance over time.

How to use Mangools?

  • Sign up for a Mangools account. You can register using your email address or by connecting with Google.
  • Log into your Mangools Dashboard and click on “Keyword Research” in the left sidebar.
  • Enter the keyword or phrase you would like to research into the search bar at the top of the page. This can be a single keyword or an entire phrase.
  • Mangools will then generate a list of relevant keywords, complete with metrics such as search volume and competition.
  • You can then analyze the data to determine which keywords are best for your website or online business.
  • Once you have made your selection, you can then track the performance of these keywords over time with Mangools’ keyword tracking feature.

Company Details

Mangools is a SEO keyword tracking tool founded in 2014 by Peter Hrbacik. It is headquatered at Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic) .The company was born out of the need to simplify the complex world of online marketing and make it more accessible to all.

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The Team

Online Presence


Mangools: Key Features

SEO Tools Features


KWFinder is one of the most popular features of Mangools. It is an advanced keyword research tool that allows you to quickly find profitable keywords for your website. It provides detailed data about each keyword, such as search volume, difficulty level, CPC and more. You can also use KWFinder to uncover related keywords and get new ideas for content creation. In addition, it also allows you to compare up to three keywords at once and find the most profitable one.

image 146

SERP Checker

SERP Checker allows you to monitor your website’s visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This tool helps you keep track of your keyword rankings and check for changes or fluctuations over time. You can also use SERP Checker to analyze your competitors’ performance, and compare your website against theirs. With this, you can identify new opportunities and craft better SEO strategies.

image 145
Serp Checker

SERP Watcher

SERP Watcher allows you to track and monitor your website’s keyword rankings over time. It lets you set up custom tracking for numerous keywords, which makes it easy to identify important changes in the SERPs. You can also use this to compare your performance against any number of competitors and gain valuable insights into their SEO strategies. With SERP Watcher, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors and make sure your website is always on top.

image 147
Serp Watcher

Link Miner allows you to analyze backlinks and identify high-quality opportunities for link building. This tool helps you uncover the most authoritative domains in your niche, as well as related websites with potential for link building. You can use Link Miner to see who’s linking to your competitors and use this data to craft better strategies for gaining more back links. You can easily identify valuable link building opportunities and boost your website’s rankings.

image 148
Link Miner

Site Profiler

Site Profiler is a feature of Mangools that helps you analyze the SEO performance of any website. It provides comprehensive data on various aspects of SEO such as keyword usage, backlinks, technical issues, and more. You can use Site Profiler to uncover your competitors’ strategies and gain valuable insights into their performance. You can also use it to identify opportunities for improving your own website’s SEO performance. With Site Profiler, you can stay ahead of the competition and boost your website’s rankings.

image 149
Site Profiler

Mangools API

Mangools API is a powerful tool that allows users to access Mangools’ data programmatically. It provides access to all of Mangools’ features, such as KWFinder, SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Miner and Site Profiler. With the API, you can easily integrate Mangools into your own software or website and take advantage of its advanced features. You can use the API to automate keyword research, track rankings, monitor competitors and much more. With Mangools API, you can easily access all of Mangools’ features and boost your SEO performance.

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Mangools Api

Custom Data Exports

Custom data exports is a feature of Mangools that allows you to access your SEO data in customizable formats. With this tool, you can easily export your keyword research, SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Miner and Site Profiler results into CSV files for easy analysis and manipulation. You can also customize the format of the exported data to suit your needs. This feature is especially useful for SEO professionals who need to access their data quickly and easily. With custom data exports, you can quickly and easily access your SEO data in any format you need.

image 152
Custom Data Exports

Browser Extension

The Mangools browser extension is a powerful tool that makes it easier to monitor your website’s SEO performance. This extension integrates seamlessly with the Mangools suite of products, allowing you to access SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Miner and Site Profiler data directly from your browser. You can use the Mangools browser extension to track your website’s keyword rankings in real time, compare your performance to competitors, and much more. With the Mangools browser extension, you can easily monitor your website’s SEO performance without leaving your browser.

image 153
Browser Extension

SERP Simulator

SERP Simulator is a feature of Mangools that allows you to simulate how your website will appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It helps you visualize how your keywords, titles and meta tags will appear in the SERPs before making any changes. You can also use SERP Simulator to test out different title and meta tag combinations and see if they produce better results. With SER P Simulator, you can quickly and easily test out different SEO strategies and optimize your website for maximum visibility in the SERPs.

image 154
Serp Simulator

SERP Volatility Checker

SERP Volatility Checker is a powerful feature of Mangools that enables you to track SERP changes over time. This tool helps you identify when and how the search engine results pages (SERPs) are changing, so you can adjust your SEO strategies accordingly. With SERP Volatility Checker, you can easily identify any sudden shifts in rankings, uncover the underlying causes, and make necessary changes to ensure your website remains visible in the SERPs. With SERP Volatility Checker, you can track SERP changes and optimize your SEO strategy for maximum visibility.

image 155
Serp Volatility Checker

Why need Mangools SEO Tool?

Reasons to use the SEO Tool
  • Evaluate the website strength in one click
  • Find new backlink opportunities
  • Reveal SERP snippet imperfections and the index status of any page
  • Find the target keyword and the keyword density
  • Analyze the outbound links
  • Highlight dofollow and nofollow links on a page
  • Test the page speed and get performance recommendations
  • Analyze the headings structure and hierarchy
  • Check the website profile and backlinks directly from the SERP

Mangools Use Cases

Who can use?
  • SEO professionals
  • Webmasters
  • Digital marketers

Pricing Plans

Annual Pricing
image 140
Pricing Plans


Technical Support, Knowledge Base, Roadmaps, Changelogs


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Final Verdict

Is Mangools right for You?

Mangools is a recommended service for individuals seeking to monitor their website’s SEO performance and enhance their tactics for optimal visibility in the SERPs. The suite of tools offered by Mangools helps website owners monitor their SEO performance and make necessary adjustments. Mangools offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive SEO analysis tools, and competitive pricing plans, making it a suitable option for those seeking to enhance their SEO strategies.

Elevate your SEO game with Mangools – the ultimate tool and insight provider for digital wizards!



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Expert Score 8.6
  • All-in-one SEO toolset
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing as compared to other SEO software
  • Occasional glitches or inaccuracies in the data provided by the tools
  • Lack of a True Dashboard
  • The link index is great but not as large as its competitors
Mangools: Simple SEO Tool for Keyword Research and Tracking
Mangools: Simple SEO Tool for Keyword Research and Tracking


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