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SEOPress helps to present your site on search engines by doing on-page and on-site SEO in few clicks.

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9.6Expert Score
SEOPress : SEO Plugin

SEOPress is available in Free as well as premium version both versions have power-packed features that any website required to come up in the search results.

Ease of use

SEOPress is a WordPress plugin designed to produce search engine related settings. Much like Yoast and SEMrush, the plugin tries to gather all the essential parts of Search Engine Optimization and also arrange them right into a series of menus inside one plugin.

SEOPress helps to present your site on search engines by doing on-page and on-site SEO in few clicks.

SEOPress is available in Free as well as premium version both versions have power-packed features that any website required to come up in the search results.

Landing Page

SEOPress Freemium Features

1. Manage Titles & Metas

Title and meta is nothing but how the page, post or product should appear in the google search results we can give dynamic variable to set the titles and meta for all pages or posts or products or you can use individual titles and meta for each page, post or products.

You can add target keywords to boost your search results.

2. XML/ Image/ Video/ HTML Sitemap

In simple terms, an XML sitemap is a list of your website’s URLs. It acts as a roadmap to tell search engines what content is available and how to reach it.

XML sitemap is for a bot that helps to crawler your site better.

HTML sitemap is just link so humans and bots can understand it.

3. Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is talked about all your branding details or any particular person details like a website link, Socials media links, address, and other information

You can add Facebook open graf and Twitter cards also here.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is made use of to track website tasks such as session duration, pages per session, bounce price, and so on of people using the website, together with the information on the source of the traffic. It can be integrated with Google Ads

Google Analytics technique is to reveal high-level, dashboard-type data for the informal user, as well as much more comprehensive information additionally right into the report set.

FeturesSEOPress Pro Features

1. Redirections

The most common Redirection method is 301 redirect which helps to avoid the page which you are not using but keeps that links.

You can monitor 404 links also, SEOPress create 301 redirections in seconds to monitor the 404 and sends you the SMS alert. You can redirect every 404 to a custom URL also.

2. Broken link checker (BOT)

Using SEO Press pro you can scan broken links that are there not on your website. The bot scans links in your content to find errors (404). You can scan every post, page product, or custom type on the website.

It will give a full report with broken links with error status and location where it was found, So it’s to monitor and you can export this report also.

Google Structured Data types (Schemas)

Schemas are basically told to the search engine what should be the data mean. Schema markup is semantic vocabulary that you need to place on the website to help search engines to retrieve more results to the user. SEOPrress gives the option to add manually or automatic schemas to the page, post, product, or any other custom types.

They are basically 12 data types given in the SEOPress you can use anyone based on your requirements.

Different Schema Data Types

  • Local Business
  • Service
  • Article
  • Event
  • Job
  • Product
  • FAQ
  • Review
  • Recipe
  • Video
  • Course
  • Software Application
  • Custom

If you have confused that which schemas to use then you can follow the SEOPress Documentation.

Seo Schema

SEOPress Free V/S Pro

SEOPress Pro gives some Add-on features to SEOPress free. To achieve a Broken link checker, Redirection, Schemas, and many others you need to use the Pro version.

SEOPress will cost $39 / Year for Unlimited sites You can check full pricing later in this review.

Free Features

  • Installation wizard
  • Titles & metas
  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Card
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics (GDPR ready)
  • Matomo Cloud (GDPR ready)
  • Google Tag Manager (GDPR ready)

Pro Features

  • Google XML Video Sitemap
  • Google Structured Data Types
  • Google Local Business
  • Google Suggest
  • Dublin Core
  • Redirections 301
  • Robots.txt
  • htaccess
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Google Analytics Stats in Dashboard
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Google Page Speed
  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Google News Sitemap
  • 404 monitoring
  • SEOPress BOT (broken link checker)
  • Manage default WordPress RSS
  • URL Rewriting
  • White Label from WP admin

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Free Version availability
  • Pro features you can get at less price
  • Beginners can easily start with SEOPRess
  • Content Analysis
  • Well prepared documentation for every feature


  • The author is not well known
  • Learning curve


SEOPress Pro cost $39/year for an Unlimited site that is a very low price compare to Yoast and SEMrush,
Seo Press Pricing
You can have a look at detailed features and pricing options here.

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Final Verdict

SEOPress is all in the plugin when comes to SEO for WordPress. With a basic version free of cost. SEOPress pulls the most usual areas that impact internet search engine exposure to the forefront for easy use modifying of WordPress users.

Videos: SEOPress

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